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eSIM for Europe

Please select your Europe eSIM plan, which additionally allows you to use it in other countries without buying an additional plan. Please see the supported countries below.

Supported Countries

Your package will work in following countries. Your speed may vary 3G/4G/5G depending on your exact location. *These calculations are all approximate and depend on the quality of the content you utilize.
Turkey Flag Turkey
Germany Flag Germany
Greece Flag Greece
Italy Flag Italy
France Flag France
UK Flag UK
Spain Flag Spain
Netherlands Flag Netherlands
Portugal Flag Portugal
Belgium Flag Belgium
Austria Flag Austria
Bulgaria Flag Bulgaria
Croatia Flag Croatia
Cyprus Flag Cyprus
Czechia Flag Czechia
Denmark Flag Denmark
Estonia Flag Estonia
Finland Flag Finland
Hungary Flag Hungary
Iceland Flag Iceland
Ireland Flag Ireland
Latvia Flag Latvia
Liechtenstein Flag Liechtenstein
Lithuania Flag Lithuania
Luxembourg Flag Luxembourg
Malta Flag Malta
Norway Flag Norway
Poland Flag Poland
Romania Flag Romania
Slovakia Flag Slovakia
Slovenia Flag Slovenia
Sweden Flag Sweden
Ukraine Flag Ukraine
Switzerland Flag Switzerland
Aaland Islands Flag Aaland Islands